The PREMIERE low-quality s#!t coin doggo meme token, exclusively on the Cardano Ecosystem. We are THE s#!t!
We bring aboslutely nothing other than low-quality memes, no financial value, no promises of mastiff gains, no mind-beagle-ing technology, just doggo memes.


C(ash grab)NFT
The least exclusive, lowest quality, largest cash grab on Cardano.
This is not art, they have no utility, we are just printing JPGs.
Doggie Bowl™

Brown Paper
Rug Pool Bowl

Token Policy ID: a0028f350aaabe0545fdcb56b039bfb08e4bb4d8c4d7c3c7d481c235
NFT Policy ID: a5bb0e5bb275a573d744a021f9b3bff73595468e002755b447e01559
S#!tties Policy ID: de8086819da489257867042d568d4d7d4822387f94a092a578c40473
2021 Collection: 6a9b93113c25d3575ff03d25885027f4f931fe3c00f1e699819b0bbd
2022 Collection: 484e914bb7021fedc6fd070d53439a2af7d3f62efc972680a0da1a81